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The South West Photography School

Starting Out with your Digital SLR Course          ‘Learning the Basics’

8 weeks

Beginning with the basic principles of digital camera control this practical, hands-on course helps you get beyond “Auto”. Each week you’ll learn all you need to know about exposure, how to control your depth of field, choosing lenses, using filters and flash - an essential  introduction to the fascinating world of digital photography… more

Portfolio One

12 months

‘Getting it Right’

Portfolio Two

12 months

‘Changing View’

Portfolio Three

12 months

‘Creating Vision’

This popular course, set over the course of a year, meets each month to explore a wide range of exciting photographic subjects and genres… more

Year two has an emphasis on furthering photographic skills alongside developing interpretation through interesting ideas, themes and concepts… more

Photographers use a visual language to communicate their intention without words. This course considers the seeing and making of images… more

For more advanced photographers wishing to attempt the prestigious Royal Photographic Society’s first level of Distinction - the Licentiateship…more

Panel Building

6 months

1-2-1 Photoshop Courses

3 weeks

Focusing on the digital darkroom features most useful to serious photographers from basic tool operation to more advanced techniques… more

Starting Out with your Digital SLR


Portfolio One Portfolio Two Portfolio Three  Panel Building Course Photoshop Courses


New Mini Portfolio

5 months

Designed for busy photographers who want to explore just a few popular genres to kick-start or refresh their skills for leisure and… more

Mini Portfolio


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