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The South West Photography School

Portfolio Two  “Changing View”

1 Year


“We designed Portfolio Two specifically for the more accomplished photographer who wants to develop a portfolio which demonstrates a wide range of competent camera techniques and showcases their own unique way of seeing.”

Year 2 continues developing all the camera techniques explored in Portfolio One but with an emphasis on the concept behind and the creativity required to produce interesting and insightful images.”


Photographers enroled on Portfolio Two are set a more challenging programme of concept based assignments, individually tailored to strengthen and improve camera skills with the introduction of adding meaning and interpretation to the image.

Throughout the year, each monthly meeting consists of a combination of tuition and a review of a set assignment, either within a group or as individual tutorials.

Sample Assignment



Students are encouraged to create their own personal scrapbook to include notes on their thoughts about each specific theme together with how they intended to photographically represent their interpretation/s. We suggest the addition of small prints with camera setting details alongside and website links which have inspired and supported their own creative process. Story boarding and mind mapping have also proved to be most effective too.

These highly individual scrapbooks have turned out to be valuable and inspirational resources to other students and we have displayed them, in their own right, at exhibitions of students work - seeing various alternative approaches only serves to broaden ones own ideas…

Portfolio Two

12 monthly 3 hour sessions

“Portfolio Two reveals the power of the photograph to speak to us without words and photographers on this course develop from mere recorders of the world around them to become astute commentators…”

Portfolio One, Two and Three are stepping stones towards the LRPS designed to help photographers produce suitable images of a high enough standard to fit within a panel but, each Portfolio can be completed, and repeated if desired, purely for the pleasure of improving your photography.The amount of work expected from a photographer wishing to proceed towards the LRPS would naturally be greater than that undertaken by the enthusiast. There may be no initial intention or commitment to attempt the Distinction at the beginning but by the end your standard may be such that it becomes a possibility.

Have you decided that Portfolio Two is the right course for you?

Yes, then we would very much like to meet you, have a chat about and see some of your work before you enrol with us.

Send us an email  now or pick up the phone to arrange a time and date to suit you.


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